About Us
Hi everyone and welcome to my site. Yes, that's me, Terry Fox, owner of Fox Construction Management. I may look just a tad older than I did back when I started framing houses at age 13, learning and deploying the basic skills I still use today. I've loved it ever since.

I got my Economics / Business degree from Wabash College in 1980. Once I entered the workaday world I was engaged in various sales and management roles in the healthcare, banking, investment, pharmaceutical and professional speaker services industries. During that timeframe, building, fixing and remodeling things was my avocation / stress reliever. I enjoyed doing various types of projects for friends, family and non-profit organizations, learning new skills, processes and procedures along the way-----and never charging anyone for my time. Since I enjoy it so much I recently decided to make construction / management my full time endeavor.

We make time for small jobs, large jobs and everything in between. Our company mantra is "GETTING THE JOB DONE RIGHT, PERIOD."  I've surrounded myself with a number of very skilled professionals to handle the varied requests that come our way. As such, I believe we do excellent work at a reasonable price. I can do many of the smaller jobs myself, including painting, light electrical, light plumbing and smaller building jobs---such as the pallet bar shown in our Gallery. The larger jobs we tackle together. If a larger, detailed job comes our way that appears to be beyond our expertise, I will manage the job by hiring the proper subcontractors to get the job done correctly and on time.

So what are we capable of? I can't list everything here but I'll offer a few popular projects: handyman services, painting, deck building, room additions, basement finishing, bathroom remodeling, tiling, wood flooring installs, kitchen renovations----including custom-made cabinets, project management and more. Let me know what type of project you are considering and I'll tell you up front whether or not we can undertake it.

Give us a call. Estimates are free of course. We'd love to do the job for you!



Meet The Team
Let me introduce you to the primary members of our professional team, from left to right:

The first fella is Larry. Never met the guy before in my life. His mug came with the website images. He looks serious and professional. I'd hire him in a minute!

Second is me again. Read my bio above again if you wish!

Third is Shane. Shane has spent his entire life learning and practicing many of the construction trades. He knows alot about alot.

Fourth is Dale, although he looks alot like Elmer Fudd. Dale became camera shy all of a sudden. Dale also knows alot about alot and he and Shane argue often about who knows more!
  1. Shane
    Shane is a "lifer"----he's been learning and performing many of the construction trades his entire life. If we need ideas, instructions or directions about a particular job or skill, Shane is our go-to guy. Shane has MANY skills but is particularly adept at making custom cabinetry and fine trim work.
  2. Dale
    Anyone who knows anything about Disney characters knows THIS is NOT Dale. Of course, it's Elmer, because our very own Dale is quite camera shy so Elmer stepped in. Dale, too, has a wide array of skills but a particular expertise in drywall and drywall finishing.
  3. Terry
    Yep, me again. I enjoy doing light electrical, light plumbing. wood flooring, tiling and handyman things, but my strongest suit is framing--back to my roots. I enjoy the business side of the business also, such as marketing, customer interactions and the financial side of things. Heck, I'm also pretty good about picking up lunch or donuts for the team AND I created this website.
Dude absolutely rocks a hardhat and can likely drink tons of coffee. Not sure if he can actually build a house, or hammer a nail for that matter, but he looks serious about it. I'm assuming he's skilled in martial arts so I'm not gonna mess with him!
My primary expertise is framing; other skills include light plumbing and electrical, tiling, wood flooring, painting. As opposed to Shane and Dale I know a little about alot. I can also balance the company checkbook, create the website and pick up lunch for the team!
He is our primary job manager. Shane is our go-to guy for answering questions and problem solving. He has a diverse set of skills. He has a particular knack for building custom cabinetry and can add a creative touch to just about any job feature.
Though camera shy, Dale has a diverse set of skills. He doubles as the team comedian. Dale has special expertise in drywall and drywall finishing. He works quickly and efficiently. As you can see by the picture above, Dale has the most experience as an actor!