Our Works

Pallett Bar

We created this pallet bar per customer request using new, similar materials that are typically used to construct wooden pallets.

Electric Fireplace

Built for a customer who did not wish to spend $15K to have a real fireplace built in their home. An electric option was chosen and built accordingly.

Wood Floor Install

Goodbye nasty old carpeting and hello new, low maintenance wood flooring. We install all different kinds.

Vanity & Top Upgrade

Replaced the old construction grade vanity and added a granite top. Totally changed the look of the bathroom.

Utility Barn

This one is 18' x 16' and built for a very good customer. The design was "professionally" drawn up on a cocktail napkin! I know what you're thinking--but it's only 3/16" out of square.

Wood Deck

This one measures 20' x 30' with L-shaped bench seats on each end. There is also a "bubble" for the hottub at the customer's request.

Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen was only one piece of a complete 1800 square feet condo renovation. If you are not the jealous type, check out the before-and-after pictures in that section of the website.

New Flooring

This is a stapled-down, engineered wood floor for a dining room, formerly carpeted. Gave the room a more open feel and a fresh new look.
Siding Replacement

This project involved a virtual total tear down of the chimney stack in addition to all of the siding. The wasps, weather and woodpeckers had all "worked their magic" on it!